Support FAQ

Can I Return A Product?

you only receive a partial refund as you must pay for the original shipping and the return shipping. If you feel you don't want an item it is best to cancel within 24 hours of ordering, if an order is not shipped we offer full refund. Before return the product, you should contact us first and return it to the appointed address, or bear your own consequences.

My Products Have Stopped Working Correctly

If you encounter quality issues within the warranty period you will be covered. Learn all about the warranty procedure. Every product has a specific warranty period. If it is not stated in the product listing, contact us.

If it is outside of warranty we may still be able to offer repairs or replacement parts.

My Product Arrived Faulty/Damaged/Different

will protect you. Within 5 days of receiving the goods take photos of what has arrived or make a video with the fault and apply the after-sales service in my order. Include your order number and a copy of the parcel declaration. We will look at your claim and advise you what to do next.

I Can Not Operate My Unit, The Instructions Are Not Clear Can I Get Assistance?

Our product managers know their products very well, if you need assistance at any time Contact us and we will provide more information.

How do I upload the product video?

If we ask you to send a video to us to show a product issue we recommend all videos over 50MB to be uploaded to YouTube as our email system can only receive files up to 50MB. 
Uploading on YouTube is easy and for the official instructions on how to upload a video on your Computer/Android/Ios view the Youtube upload instructions.

To make it easier for us to understand the problem please record the video in a bright area and clearly show all visual aspects of the issue.

Once you have uploaded the video, send us the video URL and we can watch the video and asses the situation.

I Was Sent The Incorrect AC Adapter For My Country, What Can I Do?

If you purchase an item that has an electrical AC connection we send an adapter suitable for your country, if we didn't send one or you received the incorrect adapter pleaseContact us and with your order number and we will send you the correct adapter.


How Long Will It Take To Receive My Refund?

If you have emailed us for a refund, once we have approved it your money will be refunded. The estimated time for the refund to appear in your account is based on the payment method you used the expected processing times are shown below.


Payment Method         Refund Time Once Approved
PayPal Express Checkout Within one business day


We will email you once we have approved the refund.

Can I Get Spare Parts?

Contact us and our team will find what parts are available for you.